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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shalita - Vayigash - EN




Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi Shalita

 Parashat Vayigash, Tasha’t

Delivered on Sunday, 1 tevet  Tasha’T (9.12.18) at 8:30


Our Father in Heaven and in the Land, Father of Mercy, Creator of the Universe,  leads the world and acts with us in redemption and mercy. Redemption in Mercy is redemption with a Messiah born in the Land of Israel from a woman, lives in the Land of Israel, and has a family and children, a regular, simple and innocent person. If the redemption was wit Justice an angel would descend on earth and there would be six hundred thousand people left in the world. Over seven and a half billion people would disappear from the world. As it was at the time of Noah, when Creator of the world brought the deluge and no one remained, only Noah and his family and pairs of animal beasts, birds and insects.

Because it is redemption in mercy, the suffering of the people of Israel is very difficult. All are suffering, every house rich or poor, religious or non-religious. Do not  be jealous of anyone and do not think of being one person or another, whether in wealth or in everything else. Each one was created in his own correction and there is no one in this world that came without something to correct. All suffer from severe anguish and are acting  that everything is fine, it does them good and gives them a good feeling, but those who are truly honest will receive help from heaven.

We have said several times that every country, nation, president or prime minister who wants to condemn the Land of Israel and the Jews in Holy Land, who want to take parts of the Land of Israel to harm the Jewish people living in the Land of Israel, In Eretz Yisrael - they will have great troubles, complications and conflicts, and the forces of nature will strike them without end.

With all this - natural forces will continue to strike the world, floods, fires and fires, earthquakes, volcanoes and harsh winds will continue to complicate transportation, aircraft and ships. The Creator of the Universe says to all the Jews in the world: "I warned you for years, to come urgently to the Land of Israel. All Europe will become ashes, all Europe will be filled with Muslims and anti-Semitism, and the Jews will have nothing to do there. If they do not sell and immigrate now, only to the Land of Israel and not to the United States or to other places, if they delay, even their property they will not succeed to sell. The most protected place in this world is the Holy Land.

Rosh Chodesh Today, Chanukah The seventh candle, the eve of the eighth candle of Chanukah. The beautiful and elegant thing is that the Creator of the universe looks from heaven and sees that every synagogue in Israel lights Chanukah. The synagogue is a small temple. In all the synagogues in Israel, from Metula to Eilat, from Jerusalem to Ashdod and from the center, they pray Mincha and light the candles more or less at the same time. All the synagogues in Israel and only in the Land of Israel - the candles are seen in the sky as one great temple. All the candles in the synagogues unite into one large candle in the sky, like the central candle that was in the Menorah of the Temple. All the candles of the synagogues in the Land of Israel shrink and unite into one candle to the sky. Truly a temple. The Land of Israel looks like a huge temple from heaven. Then the people go to light Chanukah candles in their homes, and millions of other Jews light Chanukah candles in their homes. The hidden light gathers with the lights of the Temple. The middle candle that gathered all the lights of all the candles burning in all the synagogues.

The twelve tribes went down to Egypt In 'seventy souls' because they did not respect their father. Jacob our father was for Joseph both mother and father because his mother died. Jacob our father treated Joseph and Binyamin more than the brothers who were already grown up. If the tribes had respected their parents, if they had respected the will of their father Jacob and were happy with his love for Joseph, if they had not been jealous and full of hate, they would have passed  easily what the Holy One, blessed be He, promised to Abraham that the people of Israel would work for 400 years in Egypt. Although the decree decreed by the Holy One, Blessed be He, was for 400 years, it was reduced to 210 years and could have been reduced much more. But because of their jealousy and hatred for Joseph, because they did not respect their father Jacob,  they sold Joseph and lied to Jacob, "an evil beast ate him" and thus brought him over 20 years of suffering and torment, not knowing whether Joseph lived or not. The years when Jacob did not want to give up Joseph, did not want to believe that Joseph does not exist, he knew in his heart that  Joseph exists somewhere but did not know where he is and what happens with him. Because his sons let him suffer over 20 years of the most difficult torments, of loneliness, mourning and a terrible pain for Rachel who died and no one to be a father and mother to Benjamin, for the anguish that tormented him for not keeping the promise he made to her to protect the children and to be both father and mother. For being left alone and mourning over 20 years - the tribes descended to Egypt. This was their correction for the way they scorn to Joseph and their father. The Holy One, blessed be He, said: 'All of them are my children and you have no right to harm Joseph or your father.'

Joseph had the Holy Spirit and knew how to solve dreams. The Holy One, blessed be He, revealed to him through dreams. The brothers knew that everything Joseph was true and therefore they harassed him and because of his dreams they left him thirsty and hungry in the pit. Joseph believed in dreams. Potiphar put him in the hole with the great ministers because he knew that Joseph did not do anything to his wife, it was just slander, and in the hole Joseph solved the dreams of the butler and the baker.

The Creator wanted to educate Joseph and put him for ten years in the pit and another two years, so that he would be a complete spiritual man. After the dreams, Pharaoh brought all the hieroglyphs and all the great star workers in the world, all Communicators all the liars and to every group he told the dreams he had lying to them. When Pharaoh saw that they believed his lies, he knew that they would not solve the dream. Then the butler told Pharaoh that he and the baker told their dream to Joseph in a confused way, and Joseph corrected them, told them what they had dreamed and also gave them the solution of the dream. Panicked, Pharaoh jumped out of his chair and said, 'this is the man I'm looking for!' "And they took him out of the pit." The troubles were over. There is reconciliation and great will there, because when he heard the Minister of the Economy confuse the dream and Joseph corrected them, he knew he had found the one who would solve the dream. Pharaoh knew the dream and knew the solution, but the solution was erased from him.

 A dream will never come to a Jew without a solution. Only the Jew gets confused by the dream and does not know what is true and what is not true.

When our righteous father Jacob came to Lavan, the wells filled with water, the herds of sheep and cattle grew and grew, and Lavan became a rich man with great property thanks to Jacob. What happened then ?! Suddenly Jacob has no blessing? Suddenly the Jews do not have a blessing of abundance and wealth? It's a disgrace for Jews to ask for food. Could it be that the pure and holy sons of Jacob would have to be humiliated by asking for food? Nevertheless, they had to come and ask for food from their brother Joseph, a disgrace and a great humiliation for them. They threw Joseph into a pit without food, and their repair is to come and ask for food. Joseph forgave his brothers, because he knew that this was the way of God, and what the Holy One, Blessed be He wanted. Joseph serves to save his whole family, his brothers, his father and all the children of Israel. Joseph knew in the Holy Spirit that his brothers and his father would reach him and he prepared twelve gates for them.


A great miracle happened in the north when the tunnels were discovered. Do not say why they were discovered now and not two or three months ago, just because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided.

Hamas and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip also dig tunnels. They sent balloons to confuse the IDF so they would not be bothered when they dig tunnels.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah In the Gaza Strip,  planned together and waited for Hezbollah to be ready to attack Israel through the tunnels, to attack together. It did not work for them, this union. There was an operation some time ago, the IDF attacked for a few days and it confused them. They did not think there were devices to discover the tunnels in the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights opposite the Lebanese border. That is how the Holy One, blessed be He, wants it this exact timing. This does not belong to the Minister of Defense, neither to the Prime Minister of Israel nor to the Minister of Finance, even though they have now decided - this is what the Holy One, blessed be He, wanted, now. Not because of what people think of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The whole world is going crazy, how Israel is getting along with the north and the Gaza Strip without wars. The Holy One, Blessed be He, protects and guards, even through His Messiah, who is His messenger, who speaks on his day and helps the people of Israel. At night, the Messiah protects and guards all the borders of Israel. The Messiah soul works and acts at night. Messiah is a messenger of the Holy One, blessed be He, to save the Jews and the entire world. It is like the shed to all the land of Israel to cancel decrees.

The Holy One, blessed be He, blinds the eyes of Hezbollah and allows the IDF to blow up tunnels. The Holy One, blessed be He, shows the IDF where there are tunnels in the north exactly.

Hezbollah There have missiles, which they put in the tunnels. Most of the tunnels are full of missiles. It has new missiles and has no people who know how to use them, to turn them on or assemble them. There are fewer missiles coming from all kinds of places, but the new missiles have no professionals to assemble and operate them.

Hamas is not calm, hiding. They receive cash through Qatar to put Hamas to sleep. They are interested only by money. They take care of themselves and not of the citizens. They seem to be giving out to citizens, for the cameras and the media. Most of the money goes to the pockets of Hamas leaders.

Lebanon is against Hezbollah quietly. They know that if they make a mistake, the US will blow them up.

The IDF, Shin Bet and Mossad know exactly where Nasrallah is. Where he slept, where he ate and where he went - know everything about him. When they want to blow him up, they will do.

The whole world and all the Jews should know that the United Nations is mostly Muslim. The State of Israel is one country in the world. The UN is not in favor of Israel, because all are Muslim, most of them are gentiles. The world does not understand how a small country, Israel, manages the entire world. They have to understand that thanks to Israel - the whole world lives.

Europe everything is a mess, anti-Semitism, infiltrators and Muslims are doing terror.

in France The madness and the disturbances, both anti-Semitic and Muslim, will continue. The Jews are on their way, one foot out to escape from there.

In Germany there will be the same and worse.

England,  is the same thing, the Muslims eat it.

Turkey, Erdogan is killing everyone who bothers him. He continues to cry for the murder of the journalist. He listens to Isis and the extremist Muslims. They do not like the Christians or the Jews.

In Jordan Hundreds of thousands will demonstrate and continue to demonstrate, it will not stop because they do not have a leader who can connect them and there is no good economy. Jordan is not Jordan, it is a country  involved with many people within it.

Jews, do not invest or travel to Jordan. Do not take risks of the kind: 'It will not happen to me', go home in the Land of Israel. The situation in Jordan is deteriorating. We warned long ago, the Holy One, blessed be He, hurts  over the property of the people of Israel, but in the end He has no choice and everything the Israelis have done in Jordan will crumble and fall apart. There are several million people who are not Jordanians who eat the Jordanians.

Egypt, Sisi is a leader acting in the right and good  way with Israel. If his thoughts are good for Israel, Israel and the US will continue to help him. If Israel did not help Sisi, then Isis, Hamas and the extremists would have eaten it long ago and there was a terrible revolution in Egypt.

U.S, Trump protects with all his strength and guards the State of Israel. He speaks openly  in front of everyone, because he knows what the Land of Israel is and what the strength of the Jews are in the Land of Israel. Trump knows that Jews give life to the whole planet. Trump knows that without the State of Israel and without the Jews in the State of Israel - the world will be destroyed, because light and spiritual power, Torah and prayers are coming out of Israel. The Holy One, blessed be He, gave him a gift to understand what the Jewish people in the Land of Israel is.

Russia, Putin knows no less than Trump, but is built differently. He works in secret. The main thing is that he sells arms and ammunition.


Rain will continue to plummet on the Jewish people. It will also fall in the north and fill the Sea of ​​Galilee, thanks only  to the well of Miriam, thanks to the beautiful view of the Sea of ​​Galilee and the sweet water for all of Israel. The rains will continue both in the center and in the south, which will be plentiful and abundant!

All the flooding in the cities is because of blocked drainage, or the contractors worked crookedly or the municipality saved money.

Parents - Keep your children away from gambling, drugs, alcohol and assimilation. Do not underestimate these things.

Drivers - do not talk on the phone while traveling, not a whatsApp and no messages. Everyone thinks he is smarter than the other and says, 'It will not happen to me' - 'and you will be very careful for your soul'! The Holy One, Blessed is He, does not do evil to anyone. People bring evil to themselves. The Holy One, blessed be He, is good and kind. People kill themselves alone. There are very few cases when a person leaves the world prematurely, which is from the Holy One, blessed be He, because of the correction of incarnations.

Messiah lives in our generation. He is on alert 24 hours a day. he is preparing to be revealed in public. Most of them know him, most of them know where he lives. Some are afraid, others deny because of ego and intelligence "Why is he?", "Why this community?", "Why this place?", "Why is not he known?" - There are those who envy them. King David was also hidden in the desert. Elisha the Prophet was also hidden in the wilderness and plowed the land with oxen. Joseph was also hidden in the pit. Even Moise our Rabbi  was in the pit for 10 years, was hidden in the wilderness and grew up in the house of Pharaoh. David, too, his brothers  did not know him. Joseph, too, his brothers did not know him. Moses, too,   the people did not know him and then everyone knew him

In the Land of Israel, all the Torah sages and intellectuals, will or will not want, they will eventually talk about the King Messiah. openly. very soon.

The revelation of Messiah in public, there is no return. everything is ready The mission is ready. We are waiting for the Holy One, Blessed be He, to release the revelation of Messiah in public. Messiah continues to receive signs from the Holy One, Blessed be He.

Rabbis and great Torah scholars know that there is a Messiah, the messenger of the Holy One, blessed be He. Some know and keep silent, some know and seek, and that’s good too. better than nothing. Everyone knows that this period is confused, that all the heads and members  of municipal and municipal councils, the members of the Knesset, the ministers and the government all lost direction. Everyone is confused and complicated, they do not know what a day will bring, and they do not know what will happen every second. Each time they get up with a new sentence, a new proverb and harm each other. Just teenage growing up ... Talking about each other's personal things, disparaging meetings, scorning people and disparaging themselves and their families. All mixed and mingled with each other and the Creator took the helm and led the Land of Israel in every corner, and they did not feel that He is leading the people of Israel.

The Creator shows them that only Messiah, who is a man of God, that all will hear what he will say to them - without exception - both in Israel and in the world. Then there will be a new world of life, of love and peace, and Jews will live forever.


Courtesy of the site : "Tairneri"

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