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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shalita - Beshalah Tasha'P - EN



Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi Shalita

Parashat Beshalah Tasha'P

Delivered on Sunday, 7th of Shvat Tasha'P (02.02.20 08:30)


"When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country, though that was shorter. (Exodus 13:17).

With every blow the Holy One Blessed be He brought upon Egypt, He tested the faith of Israel. If, after the first blow, the people of Israel would have believed 100 percent in the Holy One Blessed be He and in Moses His servant, the Creator would have taken them out after the plague of blood. But Israel's faith in the Holy One Blessed be He and Moses His servant became established and intensified only after the blow of darkness when Israel grew stronger and the Egyptians weakened.

The Parashat opens "And when the Pharaoh sent the people" he sent them? And then chased them? Why does the Holy One Blessed be He did so that this happen this way? After all, the people of Israel could have left Egypt after the blow of darkness without asking for Pharaoh's permission and without saying nothing. Why should he be allowed to leave for sacrifice 'on a Three Days way', 'with Our Boys and the Elders'? They could go out and announce that they will never return. But the Holy One Blessed be He, gives the wicked an honor of forgery, an honor of false pride.

The ten blows received by Egypt left Egypt devastated and the Egyptians particularly battered and broken after the crushing blow, the blow of the firstborn. And instead of Pharaoh learning a lesson, like a normal person who wouldn't forget for a million years, he doesn't give up on them and act like they were not beaten at all. The Holy One Blessed be He hardens the heart of Pharaoh so to remain proud and He gave him the feeling that he can defeat the Israelites who are slow because of their youths and elders, wives and children, their donkeys and beasts, very large, heavy property that prevents them from advancing quickly. Pharaoh saw that the people of Israel continue to advance and decided to go after them and return them to Egypt.

The Holy One Blessed be He planned the way so that for Egypt the road will extend and for the Israelites it will be shorter. He stretches the way for Egypt and shortens it for Israel, He leads them through the desert to the Red Sea and presses them when in front of them was the roaring and noisy sea with its high and huge waves, behind them the Egyptians galloped to trample them on their horses and chariots, from the sides predators and they remained with nothing but to believe and cry to their Father in heaven. They remember the miracles that the Holy One Blessed be He did in Egypt, miracles they saw with their eyes and shouted to the Holy One Blessed be He: "Master of the world again make us great miracles as they were in Egypt so that we can cross this sea and not fall into the hands of Pharaoh and his soldiers." Pharaoh, with this difficult situation, brought the Israelites closer to their Father in heaven and brought them to have faith in God and Moses.

Moses shouts to the Holy One Blessed be He and the Holy One Blessed be He tells him "“Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on. Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground." (Exodus 14:15 -16). No one knew that the red sea will be torn, and suddenly the sea was torn into twelve parts and all Israelites entered, passing the sea on land, going ashore, turning and seeing the Egyptians galloping after them like prey animals on the sea land. But the great miracle of tearing the Red Sea, the Holy One Blessed be He did to the children of Israel, not to Egypt, and when the people of Israel stood and saw all the Egyptians, chariots and horses, in the land sea, the Holy One Blessed be He orders the sea "and at daybreak the sea went back to its place.” (Exodus 14:26) "over the Egyptians and their chariots and horsemen." (Exodus 14:27). None of the Egyptians survived except Pharaoh so that in a time when there was no communication and smartphones, there would be someone to inform the world and all peoples of the great miracles the Holy One Blessed be He did. Pharaoh himself announced and published the miracles and wonders that the Holy One Blessed be He, did which he saw with his own eyes, so that they might believe in God who is above all and in Moses His servant.

In Egypt the people of Israel came out thanks to the faith and even today the Holy One Blessed be He will save the people of Israel when they believe in God and in His Messiah. In the first salvation, they believed in God and in Moses and today they will believe in God in salvation and Messiah.

To this day, the people of Israel come to faith only through pressure and anguish. Jews return to the Holy One Blessed be He, believe in the Holy One Blessed be He, pray to the Holy One Blessed be He only in times of trouble and distress. This is why a Jew must make great efforts to make a living, because the livelihood is in the hands of the Creator who does not wants that they will forget Him.

When they will believe that there is the Creator of the world, there is salvation and there is a functioning Messiah, working and saving the people of Israel - the Messiah will be revealed! Even if only a part, that's enough, we don't know how many.

What is happening now in the whole world, the diseases in China, viruses and bacteria, the problems and wars between countries and within themselves, fires, volcanic eruptions, severe winds, earthquakes, These are the ten blows that are scattered every day throughout the world. Not one hit at a time, but ten blows regularly all over the world. The whole world is in chaos and confused until the Messiah will be published. Any country that wants to interfere with the people of Israel the Creator will give it the blows with the forces of nature, illnesses or complications within itself.

The ‘Century Plan' cannot happen because both parties do not accept it. The people of Israel also disagree; it was enough that they were expelled from Gush Katif and other places. Every time they want to expel them from another place and reduce the land. It is no longer possible to expel the people of Israel.

This whole process is a political program, honorary games on the backs of the people of Israel who live in the Land of Israel. You have to keep your eyes open and make no mistake on the back of Israel Every politician talks about the century plan as if the Holy Land belongs to him. The Holy Land does not belong to anyone - only to the Holy One Blessed be He! A generation is coming and a generation is going and the earth remains to the Holy One Blessed be He!

One hundred and twenty Knesset members in Israel are looking for respect and all want to be Israeli Prime Minister. Instead of working for the salvation of the people of Israel, saving the Holy Land, saving the Jews in Israel, for the Torah and prayers, Kolels and mikvahs and bringing new immigrants to Israel, almost 99% of them fight for the chair and honor. The free love is over, only jealousy and hatred remain, may the Lord have mercy on them. Like they are going crazy to kill each other! May the Lord have mercy! There are courts that will make order for those who need.

Trump want to see his name written on the history pages.

Muslims do not want peace with Israel. Their intention is to destroy the entire land of Israel. Tunnels continue to be excavated in the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Jordan.

Be vigilant in Israel. Part of the Israeli Arabs, holders of a blue identity card are very dangerous. Blue ID is their freedom. They should be checked first. They have cruel plans to execute.

Putin released the girl, she has American citizenship and he thought that something big would come out of it. In short, he didn't want to mess with the Americans and let her go. There are hundreds more Israeli Jews in prisons around the world.

The Holy One, blessed be He, wants the Right to rise. The Holy One Blessed be He does not want the Holy Land taken away from Him. Once the Israelis have given up, we can never give up again! Think well and good!

In Lebanon The IDF has no problem bombing all Hezbollah, even in the Gaza Strip there is no problem. The problem is in East Jerusalem, where it's more problematic.

Israel is on alert; Arabs are planning to make trouble in East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

 Iran slow down their madness. They are scared to death of IDF, more than any other military in the world. There are loads of people in the Iranian nuclear plants who are ready to commit suicide and blow them up. In Israel, they know exactly what there is in the atomic plants from A to Z.

Syria is in wars within itself, destruction and destruction and many flee Syria.

Turkey is burning, Erdogan will have a revolution.

Jordan thought they will be given a beautiful gift in the century plan, they got nothing, and they are disappointed.

Hezbollah continues to dig tunnels. he is afraid of the IDF.

US protects Israel from Lebanon and Hezbollah as well as from Iran.

Egypt Sissy is getting good money, happy with his part, feeding the Egyptians but better for him not make bad plans.

Hamas does quiet work, digs and digs.

Abbas and Hamas together, there is full love between them. They go against Trump, against the century plan.

In the Century Plan, there is both good and bad.

In China they have eaten bad food. Because of impurity and abomination they get sick. Non-kosher food causes disease. The Chinese want to buy and buy and buy until the Holy One Blessed be He comes and tells them: 'Until now! Stop eating the world. “He gave them endless complications and troubles.

Nature's activities will continue, fire and wildfires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods and severe winds. In the whole world there is chaos.

Nothing will happen in Israel. There will be the best weather, the best soil and fertile, everything will be excellent in the Land of Israel. Outside the borders of Israel - troubles without end.

All the mess in the world, the nature's strong activity, the complications, illness, trouble - because of Messiah! Messiah must be revealed! Everyone is waiting for when Messiah will come. We ask when Messiah will come out. Rabbis and Torah scholars talk about the revelation of the Messiah in this time! All the problems in the world are because Messiah has to be revealed. There is no going back, Messiah must get out! Messiah comes out from trouble and problems, from darkness and hopelessness, from all this will come out good, Messiah will come out! Messiah is working and acting. The Holy One Blessed be He is sifting and sifting and sifting, in the land of Israel and in the world, until Messiah will come out in his greatness! The Holy One Blessed be He is sifting through all the unclean forces and shells so that the Messiah will come out undisturbed and so that people will not be harmed, like many who were hurt by the blow of darkness when the Holy One Blessed be He sifted a lot of people. Even now, the Holy One Blessed be He is sifting throughout the world and within the Land of Israel. When the Messiah will be revealed, there will not be people to disturb him; he will have a smooth path. The Creator will take all the disruptors. The Holy One Blessed be He is never making mistakes. The Holy One Blessed be He never fails; He starts a thing up to the end.

You must turn from bitter to sweet, from evil to good, from free hatred to free love, to be humble and to love one another. Enough with pride, enough with control, enough with ego. Anyone who loves his friend - loves the Holy One Blessed be He and the Holy One Blessed be He loves him. Those who do not love their friend - they do not love the Holy One Blessed be He and the Holy One Blessed be He does not love them.

To all the Jews who are abroad: sell all the houses you bought and immigrate urgently in Israel. Even Jews who live in Israel and buy homes abroad - sell them urgently and buy houses in the Holy Land, do not try the Holy One Blessed be He. Dear Jews, who live abroad, do not try the Holy One Blessed be He, come en masse to live in the Holy Land! You will earn a living forever!

Blessings and success to everyone!


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